A Very Rock Road – @outofshapebaker

Who doesn’t love sporadic blog updates?

Can you call melting a load of stuff together, then adding shop-bought biscuits and marshmallows baking? I do. This is legit.

I decided this week to make Rocky Road for the first time, because, well, I had a bag of marshmallows lying around the house.

I modified this recipe for my Rock Road. The first batch was a disaster, the second, less so.

The recipe calls for just 200g Rich Tea biscuits, I used a mixture of 100g Rich Tea and 100g Digestive biscuits, because I like a bit of a softer crunch in my Rock Road.

It also asked for best-quality dark chocolate. I used supermarket own dark chocolate, because I’m on a budget. It worked just as good I think. 

Oh, I threw in some pecans and walnuts for the fun

So my first batch went wrong because I over cooked (or boiled?), I don’t know the correct term, the melted chocolate. It says melt over a gentle heat. I melted over a medium heat and it was crap. Don’t do this.

All in all it was a success. The guys at work didn’t complain.

Two thumbs up!

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