‘Cheeseburger’ Macarons (or Macaroon) – @outofshapebaker

I decided to push myself to my limits this week by attempting the notorious macaroons or is it macaron? I’m not sure, either way.

I tried to do this on Sunday, however the recipe I followed asked for hot sugar water whilst whisking my egg whites. This went horribly wrong. I ended up with a solid sugary mess, and an almond paste that was stronger than me. 

This was attempt number two….

I won’t show you the other attempt. 

Macaron (or Macaroon) recipe

The recipe I followed was this one

Now, this was a lot easier! No messing around with hot sugar water!

All you have to do is beat egg whites with sugar and then fold in your almond flour and icing sugar. Easy! Well… you know… easier!

I used a macaron silicone mat so their shapes were good. I got it from Lakeland. I recommend it. 


I finished them off with a basic chocolate ganache recipe (equal parts double cream and dark cooking chocolate) and, for the ‘cheese’ I used yellow fondant icing cut into squares.

After this workout I really could do with eating a real cheeseburger…

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